The International is an event formed by Nitro, who serves as the feature guest.

After the player defeats at least one World Tour Member, they are eligible to enter at least one tournament in the International. The International incorporates relay races, and racing against past crew members, either from tier-specific crews or World Tour crews, in a tournament.

To enter a tournament, the player must first defeat a World Tour crew leader within their vehicle to gain access to the tournament.

There are two parts to each tournament: the Qualifiers and the Eliminators. In each qualifier, the player will race against crew members from the original story, attempting to knock them out of the tournament and beat them within relay races. The player must race in the same vehicle as their enemies to put the two on an equal playing field. If the player reaches the end of the qualifiers, one supercar is unlocked for purchase from the dealer. In the Eliminators, the player races against crew members from the World Tour crews, with the same rules from the Qualifiers applying to the races. However, now there is a twist: the player's rival will now race them, who also made it through the qualifiers and races in the same vehicle as the player, with custom livery. The rivals include Zoe, who wins the Lamborghini Veneno, Le Sapeur (Sapper in english) with the Jaguar C-X75, Ivan piloting the Koenigsegg One:1, and Cypher racing in the Mazda Furai. In the Eliminators, the player will race one-on-one against their rival on five occasions, excluding the High Stakes Challenges they offer the player.

Due to how the International tournaments are played, they can be very time consuming for players, as it means that they must defeat every world tour crew leader to actually enter all four of the tournaments, and that the player needs to own all of the crew members' vehicles to advance through the Qualifiers and Eliminators, while also upgrading their own supercar and, if necessary, the vehicles they purchase for the crew members.

Winning all four tournaments unlocks La Finale for the player, awarding them a Ferrari FXX K.

In La Finale, the player will first research upgrades alongside their Mechanic for the Ferrari FXX K by having it race crew leaders Papa Biz, Yoshiro, Alieda, Carlito, and Errol. After research concludes (all upgrades fitted), the player will enter the Finals, racing against Nitro who also pilots an FXX K with exclusive livery, and will participate in relay races, competing against World Tour Leaders and International rivals yet again, but in relay races only.


  • The International rivals can be raced within Payback Plus races once unlocked, if need be.

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