Ivan is an International rival, winning the Koenigsegg One:1 in the qualifiers alongside the player. Ivan is very physically fit, presumably very rich, and has his own personal team of scientists to catapult his performance to superstardom.

After Ivan is defeated by the player, his team will leave him, and Ivan will offer a High Stakes Challenge. A mechanic is needed to win Ivan's One:1.

He is portrayed by Nolan North.


  • Pictures of Ivan's One:1 will depict it as a solid red, but the actual car is orange with red stripes.
  • Ivan bears great resemblance to Ivan Drago from the movie Rocky IV, as both characters have the same first name, are in great physical condition, and have a personal team of scientists at their disposal dedicated to improving them.
  • Ivan mentions the One:1's primary namesake in a conversation with the player when he states that he will improve the power-weight ratio of his car.

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