CSR Papa Biz

Papa Biz is the crew leader of Fangz in Tier 1 and its the first boss of CSR Racing. They control the city district called "Downtown."

As the player starts their career, they will be forced to race against Luther, one of Papa Biz's crew members. Contrarily to popular belief, this race can be won on the first try if the player purchases money, or experiences a very rare glitch where the Race Official gives the player prizes from Multiplayer including gold. Otherwise, Luther will defeat the player with incredible ease despite the player's best efforts.

As the player continually progresses through Papa Biz's crew, he will challenge the player personally, and the player will have to defeat him thrice to officially beat the Fangz. After warning Yoshiro, Papa Biz will offer the player a High Stakes challenge, placing the player's 2 gold pieces they just won and Papa Biz's MINI Cooper S on the line, if the player accepts.

The simplest way to defeat Papa Biz is to simply purchase a Mechanic and proceed as usual through the High Stakes Challenge with the Mechanic in tow. However, a player with a good shift pattern can potentially defeat Papa Biz with a high power ranking vehicle, such as the Mercedes-Benz A 250 Sport or the Nissan Altima Coupe 2.5 S, which can be purchased right from the start without any problems.

In Papa Biz's conversation with Yoshiro and the player's conversations with Chuck Knoxville/Nitro, Papa Biz is fascinated with Nitro, having raced him when Nitro faked his death. Nitro also reveals to CSRN reporter Roman that Papa Biz's real name is Jamal.

Pap biz mini cooper s

Papa Biz's MINI Cooper S