720S (Purple) (FQV)

 General Information Edit

Brand McLaren   Tier 5 Stock Max
Model 720S Coupe Rating 605
Price Season Prize / Rare Imports only Power (hp) 720
Engine M840T 4.0 L twin-turbo V8 Weight (lb) 2907
Drivetrain Rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive Grip 9100
Transmission 7-Speed + Reverse Seamless Shift Gearbox (SSG) Gearbox (m/s) 325

 Part Prices and Stats Edit

Fusion Spaces: 135 for the Purple 5* version, 128 for the standard 5* version

 Engine Edit


Tier 5 upgrade stats Edit

  • + power
  • +20 PP
  • $
  • Gold
  • Gold extra for instant delivery
Price Fusion Spaces
Stage Power (hp) Cash ($) Gold Green (Common) Blue (Uncommon) Red (Epic) Description
1 39,000 128 Engine bored to increase capacity and provide more bhp.
2 81,714 245 Stainless steel exhaust increases bhp.
3 122,571 349 Fast road camshaft and double valve springs increases bhp.
4 245,142 640 Stage 1 Re-mapped engine logistics for enhanced performance.
5 326,857 822 Stage 2 Re-mapped ECU enhances horsepower and provides increased torque.
6 N/A N/A Recrafted race camshaft and high compression pistons allow next level performance.

Turbo Edit


Tier 5 upgrade stats Edit

  • + power
  • + PP
  • $
  • Gold
  • Gold extra for instant delivery
Price Fusion Spaces
Stage Power (hp) Cash ($) Gold Green (Common) Blue (Uncommon) Red (Epic) Description
1 42,000 137 Install a basic turbo kit to increase bhp.
2 88,000 261 Bypass Valve fitted to ensure the air/fuel ratio is perfect to maximise boost levels and increase bhp.
3 132,000 373 Enlarged turbine wheel installed to turbo. Increases airflow and bhp.
4 264,000 683 Upgraded actuator further enhances turbo boost and bhp.
5 352,000 877 Ported and polished turbine housing maximises efficiency and further enhances bhp.
6 N/A N/A 360 degree thrust bearing allows for heightened turbo boost pressure.

Intake Edit


Tier 5 upgrade stats Edit

  • +46 power
  • +12 PP
  • $
  • Gold
  • Gold extra instant delivery
Price Fusion Spaces
Stage Power (hp) Cash ($) Gold Green (Common) Blue (Uncommon) Red (Epic) Description
1 28,500 98 Cold air induction kit increases bhp.
2 59,714 186 Variable length intake manifold increases bhp.
3 89,571 266 Larger throttle body boosts bhp.
4 179,143 486 2 bar map sensor for improved fuel delivery and timing control. Maximises bhp.
5 238,857 625 Intake computer for optimum air and fuel delivery.
6 N/A N/A Evolved variable length inlet manifold dramatically increases bhp.

Nitrous Edit


Tier 5 upgrade stats Edit

  • +20 PP
  • $
  • Gold
  • Gold extra for instant delivery
Price Fusion Spaces
Stage Cash ($) Gold Green (Common) Blue (Uncommon) Red (Epic) Description
1 29,999 102 Install dry nitrous system trigger for a 2 second speed boost.
2 62,857 195 Wet system with bigger bhp jets and a nitrous controller which allows nitrous tuning.
3 94,285 278 Further enhanced nitrous system for increased power.
4 188,571 509 Bottle warmer ensures maximum effectiveness when deploying N20.
5 251,428 654 Extra large volume canister for maximised boost capability.
6 N/A N/A Revolutionary nitrous formula provides unsurpassed canister duration and power.

Body Edit


Tier 5 upgrade stats Edit

  • -285 weight
  • -142 grip
  • +21 PP
  • $
  • Gold
  • Gold extra for instant delivery
Price Fusion Spaces
Stage Weight (lb) Grip Cash ($) Gold Green (Common) Blue (Uncommon) Red (Epic) Description
1 21,000 75 Reduced-weight carbon fibre seats fitted improving acceleration at the cost of grip.
2 44,000 143 Spare wheel and rear seats removed that strip out unnecessary internal weight to boost speed.
3 66,000 203 Strip out power steering and air conditioning for less weight and engine drag.
4 132,000 373 Install lightweight titanium adjustable suspension for a lighter, faster ride.
5 176,000 479 Painted carbon fibre panels further optimise vehicle weight to improve acceleration.
6 N/A N/A Ultra-rare carbon fibre chassis greatly reduces weight for an optimal drive.

Tires Edit


Tier 5 upgrade stats Edit

  • +730 grip
  • +13 PP
  • $
  • Gold
  • Gold extra for instant delivery
Price Fusion Spaces
Stage Grip Cash ($) Gold Green (Common) Blue (Uncommon) Red (Epic) Description
1 18,000 65 Sports tires increases grip and reduces wheelspin.
2 37,714 125 Semi slicks for increased traction.
3 56,571 178 Central tire inflation system allows tire pressure tuning.
4 113,142 326 Tire softener applied to rubber to further enhance grip.
5 150,857 419 Full slick tires for unparalleled traction.
6 N/A N/A Ultra soft compound slick tires for ultimate grip and drivability.

Transmission Edit


Tier 5 upgrade stats Edit

  • -96 weight
  • +50 grip
  • -200 gearbox
  • +24 PP
  • $
  • Gold
  • Gold extra for instant delivery
Price Fusion Spaces
Stage Weight (lb) Grip Gearbox (m/s) Cash ($) Gold Green (Common) Blue (Uncommon) Red (Epic) Description
1 N/A N/A 31,500 107 Install quick shift for faster gear changes.
2 N/A N/A 66,000 203 Lightweight axle reduces weight.
3 N/A N/A 99,000 290 Twin disc clutch for faster shifts.
4 N/A N/A 198,000 531 Fully customizable transmission with LSD allows Final Drive tuning and improves grip.
5 N/A N/A 264,000 683 Lightweight transmission housing reduces weight.
6 N/A N/A N/A N/A Evolution spec triple disc clutch delivers lightning fast gear change.

Purple Star Version Edit

The purple star version has the unique color of Azores Special, 10-spoke Super-Lightweight wheels in Titanium Liquid Metal and Exterior Carbon Fibre Packs 1-3
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