Yoshiro with his car.

Yoshiro is the crew leader of Iron Samurai in Tier 2 and its the second boss of CSR Racing. Though never directly mentioned, one can infer he and the Iron Samurai control the district known as the "West Bay."

CSR Yoshiro


Yoshiro's 370Z

He once had a close relationship with Alieda but they broke up. Yoshiro is still in pursuit of her, and Papa Biz will make fun of him for it.

Yoshiro races in a Nissan 370Z. After having defeated his crew members and defeated Yoshiro, Yoshiro will call Alieda warning her of the new racer, and mentioning his remaining love interest for her. Alieda simply insults and patronizes Yoshiro in the call.

Afterwards, Yoshiro will challenge the player to a High Stakes Challenge with his 370Z and the player's two gold pieces on the line. Yoshiro's Nissan 370Z is actually below average for power ranking, at 443. The Dodge Charger RT, in spite of its low power rating, heavily outperforms Yoshiro with the right shift pattern, and as such, is the preferred vehicle to defeat him with, as it can win his High Stakes Challenge without help.